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Championship Kart Racing
Mission Statement for C.K.R.A.

CKRA is a family sport/recreational activity. Its primary objective is the teaching of vehicle usage and driving skills, in a safe and positive enviroment. Driving is a life skill which can be learned and progressively improved. CKRA has well defined rules which are understood by all participants. This, and an appreciation of the natural laws of motion, helps produce better drivers. Appropriate physical and social skills while driving, will contribute to accident prevention.

    CKRA seeks to:
  • create rewarding partnerships in an effort to further the principles of our activities.
  • create a forum which addresses the cares and concerns of CKRA and its partners.
  • create opportunities to demonstrate our sport, the skills and the values it imparts on participants.
  • welcome others to participate in areas of CKRA activities and expand our partnerships.

Information to be used as an introduction. Not responsible for accuracy and/or your actions due to it's use. Remember racing is a high risk activity. Don't get in over your head.