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F100 Maritime Championship

2006 Season


Club Regulations:


In accordance with Section 1.3 of the Canadian Karting Regulations, Book 1, Sporting Regulations published by A.S.N. Canada FIA (effective January 1, 2003), Championship Kart Racing Association (C.K.R.A.) has developed the following Club regulations:


These club regulations are subject to further amendments from time to time by the C.K.R.A. Executive. Where applicable, cross-references to the Canadian Karting Regulations have been provided for ease of reference.


Book 2 – Technical Regulations


Page   Section                           Club Regulation


  48      31.c      Bore

                        Maximum bore diameter:  2.110” Not to exceed 104cc. (N.C. Engine only)


  50      31.c      Cylinder Head

                        The word “Yamaha” does not need to be on OEM Cylinder Heads


  51      31.c       Exhaust Silencer F100 Senior Class

                        Exhaust silencer must be an unmodified Vevey expansion chamber    


  53      31.c      Ports

                        Transfer ports are not a tech item from the crank case side (N.C Engines only)


  34      26.2.      Clutch

                        All F100 can run an engine mounted, centrifugal type, “wet” or “dry” type or direct drive engine out put shaft to rear axle is permitted.


Supplementary Rules


Non-Conforming Yamaha KT100 Engine (N.C. Engine)

            N.C. Engines are to allow some of the old engines that are still around to be used to cut down cost. The bore and transfer ports are the only two differences that are aloud, stated in these regulations. There will be a 10 lb. weight penalty when these engines are used. 

N.C. Engines are required to have the outer side of the first vertical fin on both sides of the head painted Red for easy identification at the scales.

F 100 Maritime Championship

2006 Season


Supplementary Rules


F100 Class Weights


            F100 Yamaha KT100 ……………………350 lb. Minimum

            F100 Yamaha KT100 N.C. Engine …….360 lb. Minimum


Maritime Championship Series


1.                  There will be a total of 5 races consisting all held at the C.K.R.A. track.


2.                  Races are not to be held on the same date as the M.P.K.S. race dates.


3.                  There are no dropped races in the F100 Maritime Championship Series.


4.                  All races are to be run in dry weather.


5.                  All F100 Maritime Championship races will run by ASN Canada FIA rules and F100 Maritime Championship Series Supplementary Rules.